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Connect with Our API

Deliver world-leading products your way

Increase the breadth of your offering through our ready-made or custom travel API solution, Link. Infinity provides a range of connection options—from a simple white label solution to something completely tailored to your business.

Our connection options

Regardless of which option you select, our relationship with your business will always be driven by being a true partner, working collaboratively for our mutual benefit.

Direct Connections via Link

Harness the power and flexibility of connecting directly with our platform.

Various Distribution Switches

Take advantage of your existing connection with one of the various distribution switches we work with.

Not sure which is the best? Get in contact with us and we’ll walk you through your options. 

About Link

Link is our fit-for-purpose distribution API where all our core product range is available.

What you can expect from Link:

  • Various customer experience flows available including support for package bookings
  • Seamless customer journey
  • Intelligent insights and analytics