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Infinity Holidays Launches Canada Brochure in partnership with Destination British Columbia 

Infinity Holidays, the trade-only global travel wholesaler is proud to launch their newest brochure in the digital range, Canada, in partnership with Destination British Columbia (BC). 

“We’re excited to launch our Canada brochure showcasing the best of Canada including the stunning itineraries we have built in partnership with Destination BC and to align with their most recent consumer campaign “Rainforest to Rockies” campaign”, says General Manager James Whiting. 

“This brochure will be the fourth in our range of digital brochures, and our first in partnership with a travel partner. We are delighted that the “Rainforest to Rockies” itineraries we have built in partnership with Destination British Columbia are fully customisable, and directly bookable in Helio, and showcase the stunning natural wonder of the journey from Vancouver to the Canadian Rockies.”

Rainforest to Rockies is an extraordinary journey across ever-changing landscapes between Vancouver and the Canadian Rockies. Venturing out from the Pacific Coast, where the ocean meets the rainforest, offshoots to nature and culture lead you from one landscape to the next, as you feel a sense of wonder unfold at every turn.

“This road-trip-of-a-lifetime is a magnet for visitors from around the world — travellers inspired by nature, seeking immersive experiences,” says Joanne Motta, Country Manager AUNZ at Destination BC.

“These customisable itineraries built by Infinity Holidays are based off some of our most iconic “Rainforest to Rockies” journeys, and give agents access to easily customise and book an incredible self-drive holiday for their clients to explore explring this not-to-be-missed part of Canada.”

Explore the Canada digital brochure and the ready-to-book Destination BC “Rainforest to Rockies” packages in partnership with Destination BC today.