Infinity Holidays

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A new era for Infinity Holidays 

“The Travel Junction has grown significantly since launching to the Australian market in 2020, and it’s time for our business to continue its evolution to a full-service winning wholesale brand,” says General Manager James Whiting.  

It’s been a wild ride for the travel industry over the last few years. A lot has changed, and so has our business as we welcome an exciting new era. The Travel Junction is now Infinity Holidays—a move that makes us and our partners stronger than ever! 

“We take the complexity out of booking travel for the trade and put world-leading solutions into our partners’ hands, giving them access to exclusive pricing, high availability and great commissions, and ultimately the best travel experiences for their clients.” 

More simplicity and growth for the travel industry 

We’ve always believed that we work in the best industry in the world, and our goal has always been to make it even better. Through constant evolution, we’ve adapted to help our partners thrive in a competitive and ever-shifting landscape. A bold change, the latest update to the Infinity Holidays brand brings even greater simplicity, support, and flexibility. 

“Through the pandemic and the subsequent upheaval, the needs of the travel trade have evolved in recent years. And we have evolved to meet them,” says Kevin Looney, Director of Sales. “Our team have a genuine love for travel and the industry at large, always adapting to provide partners with the best in a rapidly changing travel industry.” 

The modern Infinity Holidays is a unique offering designed to support the needs of the Australian travel trade marketplace, with an exclusive focus on supporting agents outside of the Flight Centre Travel Group network. 

Infinity Holidays’ expansive global offering includes seamless online booking platforms (Helio, Softrip and Onboard), a specialist co-consultancy team, 24/7/365 support, an API solution, and branded packages. We also provide 1-on-1 training to help our partners make the most of our platforms. 

“The travel industry is in a period of evolution like nothing we have seen in recent times. Bringing Infinity Holidays back to the Australian market allows the travel trade to stay on top of growing demands with access to the world’s best travel products, some of the most robust industry relationships, and expert consulting through our wholesale teams,” says Flight Centre Travel Group CEO, Graham Turner. 

“Infinity Holidays will be the go-to partner of the global travel trade, offering simple supply solutions that power endless growth and unbreakable partnerships.” 

Founded on a rich history in the travel industry 

If you’ve worked in the travel industry for a while now (lucky you), you might be familiar with Infinity. Taking the industry by storm in 1994, the company began delivering great value holidays to popular and emerging destinations. Then, we took it up a level in 2007, adding more flexibility and a wider product range by adopting a direct contracting model for procuring product.  

Infinity’s ability to innovate and meet the needs of the travel trade earned the company recognition as Australia’s best travel wholesaler. 

“Infinity Holidays is a brand that our industry knew and loved. It’s a brand I was proud to work in, as I saw first-hand how much of a difference we were able to make to our partners’ businesses,” says Megan Lowe, Infinity Holidays Business Leader, who worked in the legacy Infinity Holidays for 10 years.  

“Our business was truly formed around helping our agents do better in their business. We know what drives them and what keeps them up at night—and it’s this knowledge that sets us apart. We are for the industry, from the industry.” 

Infinity would lead the industry until 2020 when COVID-19 turned travel upside down. To adapt and continue serving our partners what they needed, we retired Infinity in favour of the technology-driven brand, The Travel Junction (TTJ). This move allowed the travel trade access to Flight Centre Travel Group’s world-leading travel product and relationships through a DIY online booking platform called HELiO.  

Now that travel has transformed yet again. We’re thrilled to announce that Infinity Holidays is back and bigger than ever, bringing world-leading solutions developed by a team of travel experts, with the benefit of Flight Centre’s global buying power, stability, and support network exclusively to agents outside the Flight Centre Travel Group.  

GOGO Vacations will also merge with the business, holding onto its name and 70+ year heritage in the United States.  

With a new era comes a new brand identity 

After working long and hard to adapt, innovate and relaunch Infinity Holidays, the next step was to create a brand that reflected this change. Every element of the new Infinity Holidays brand reflects our passion for simplifying the complex, forging unbreakable partnerships and innovating to deliver world-leading travel trade solutions. 

Our logo is a nod to the infinity symbol, and so much more. The interlinking rings represent the strong relationships our company is built on, while the circular shape echoes the global industry we love and work in with our partners.  

Charging forward, together 

The relaunch of Infinity Holidays is only the beginning. As the travel industry continues to evolve, so will we. Our sights are firmly set on continuous improvement, seizing new opportunities for our partners and their travellers.