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Our Story


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Who We Are

We work in the best industry in the world—and we’re here to make it even better.

From powerfully simple booking experiences to unmatched travel product and support, our sights are firmly set on unleashing the full potential of the global travel trade. Backed by a travel giant with over 40 years’ experience, we leverage the buying power of Flight Centre Travel Group while remaining independent and innovative. Our solutions are built around the needs of the global travel trade, making it easier than ever to book world-leading travel product in a one-stop-shop.

Our Origins

Fast forward to 2007 and we adopted a direct contracting model for procuring product, increasing our product range and flexibility. This strengthened our position as a key wholesaler for international and domestic product. Shortly after, we gained recognition as Australia’s best travel wholesaler.

In 2020, COVID-19 hit the travel industry hard. Taking it in our stride, The Infinity Group was retired in favour of the technology driven company The Travel Junction (TTJ). This innovative brand allowed people and businesses outside of FCTG to access a selection of world’s best travel products through our DIY booking platform Helio. In The Infinity Group’s absence, TTJ continued to provide access to some of the strongest and most robust industry relationships, backed by decades of industry experience.

We’ve now joined forces, coming back stronger than ever. Infinity Holidays has the great technology TTJ is renowned for combined with The Infinity Group’s well-regarded service and relationships. Combining the power of simplicity, innovation and authentic partnerships, we take the complexity out of the travel trade and put world-leading solutions in your hands.

Join us at the head of the pack. Let’s lead global travel, together.

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OTA Certified

Infinity Holidays is proud to be independently audited and certified by OTA Insight. In fact, Infinity Holidays is the first Asia/Pacific-based company to be awarded the Rate Parity Distribution certificate. This award officially recognises our commitment to Parity and Distribution and means both our clients and suppliers can feel confident they’re getting the best deal possible. When you partner with Infinity Holidays, we grow together.